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Musicspeak - The Education program


Private Lessons and Music Instruction for drums, guitar, bass, percussion, production and more. “Serving central Vermont and beyond, since 1993”. Students of all ages and levels welcome and encouraged. Home schooled students, special needs, multi-instrumentalists, school band tutoring, Session Workshops, Musicspeak events, Musicspeak Artist management and more are all part of the program ...jump in now and PLAY! 

Owned and operated by
Gary Williams; E-mail for information, rates, programs, scheduling +more! Phone upon request.

Musicspeak Education Program​ is a fun, productive outlet and format where innovation and tradition meet to create something expressive and individual.

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MusicSpeak - The music


Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by multi-instrumentalist and music educator Gary Williams, and includes female guests vocalists (Erica Raff on 'gravity of now' ; Jennifer Laverdiere on 'sound of reason') + a stage band to perform live. Please support independent 'original dynamic rock' from Vermont, USA; 

Music for albums 1 and 2 in the current trilogy project are OUT NOW; on CD: 
Official Online Store;
and Mp3 and Streaming from

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